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Photo Gallery MG T-series MG TD wood replacement project March 2015
MG TD wood replacement project March 2015

MG ‘T” series cars rely on wood as the main structural support for the main body tub. Rotting wood is often a problem, often first making itself known in sagging and hard to close doors. The traditional way of repairing this problem is to dismantle the car, remove the body tub, remove the outer sheet metal from the wood, rebuild the wood structure and recover with sheet metal. A very expensive and exhaustive project.

With some research and advise from a well know MG T specialist, we are opting to go at it from the outside. Cutting away the outer sheet metal allowing us access to the main wood beams that need to be replaced.

We will then reattach (or perhaps) re-fabricate the outer sheet metal structure and finish with some body filler and paint.

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