Enjoying my pre-war 1937 MGTA with confidence after your thoughtful and competent workmanship. Trusted recommendations to do “whats right” for the car show your genuine enthusiasm which is always appreciated. Looking forward to seeing your efforts with my TR3 now in your capable hands. Best.


Ridgewood, NJ 2018



Taking my unfinished project to Motorcar Garage was the best decision I could have made.

When you balance the time it takes to complete a project against the money spent, you end up with a car you can enjoy in the here and now! Instead of looking at a pile of boxes and a half dead car, I will be driving my car this summer!

Bill M.
December 2013

The TR-6 runs and feels great.  What a difference in the transmission and steering. It is nice to be able to drive and not worry so much about the weather.  Yesterday was the first time I drove it in the rain.

Thank you for being a great mechanic!
Martin S.
Voorhees, NJ
Oct. 2013

Hey Pete:

The little car was great! My 28 hour vacation to the Jersey Shore was wonderful. Everything worked great and I want to thank you for your
for your meticulous care you provided my little MGB.

July 2013

Hi Pete,

Aside from a little heat exhaustion, I made it home in good shape yesterday. The car ran great and the engine looks really nice now with the new paint on the thermostat housing. Thanks very much for turning the car around so quickly. I really appreciate it.

Bob B.
Freehold, NJ
July 2013

Hi Pete,
Well, we are home here in Nova Scotia. We arrived home yesterday around 3PM . The trip in the MGB-GT went very well. NO problems, 1043 miles. The car worked great, I am quite pleased with the car. The trip was fun.
Pete, It was a pleasure to meet you. You are an honest and trustworthy person and you know your English cars. I hope your customers realize what a great thing they have with you.

Thanks for all your help in this transaction and I hope we meet again.
N.S., Canada
May 2013

You may have gotten indirect praise from me through Bill Carrol, but I wanted to add my direct compliments on the tech session Saturday. It was a great experience for me and I learned a lot. Today I received  my first order from British Wiring. No more trying to find wiring products at the local auto parts store.
British Wiring has all the exact stuff to match my British car. I have a Sunbeam Alpine that is in need of wiring work. I have a new harness to install in addition to other electrical components, so your session was timely I also ordered the electrical book you recommended by Rick Astley. I may need your services one day.

Vineland, NJ
March 2013

Hi Pete,
I just wanted to write to you and let you know the MGB is running good. I finally had a chance to take it on a long ride yesterday, it was the first chance I had to drive it in some time due to all the rain recently.  I took it on a lovely ride out through the country to a local winery where they were having a wine tasting event.  The vehicle runs really smooth, the exhaust has a nice throaty sound, just loud enough, but not too loud.

Thanks again,

Ken H.,
Allentown, PA

Again, great job on my 80 MGB. The performance of the B from the single carb (Strom) to the dual SU is amazing. I’m very glad we made the decision to do the change over.

Al K, Pemberton

Pete & Ed,

Just wanted to say great job on my 1980 MGB.  She looks and run great!

Again, thanks………………
Al K.

You guys are great! Thanks so much for keeping my ’77 MGB running and reliable. I also appreciate the chance to speak with you BEFORE I make any new purchases. One such conversation kept me from buying an expensive headache. Thanks again!

Hugh  C.
Shamong, NJ

Thanks guys, the driving is much improved! Shifting in the stop and go traffic on 73 to the Turnpike was a breeze, easy, like butter. Brakes are much better as well, you don’t have to stand on them. I told my Dad that visually he’ll recognize the car, but he won’t recognize it from the driver’s seat. It’s a different car now.

Nice work, and thanks again.
Peter N.
Hightstown, NJ

I just wanted to say a big “THANK YOU” to you for helping me with my first LBC. From finding the right car, to checking it and to the work you performed, you have been unfailingly helpful and supportive. It drives beautifully and was a perfect companion this weekend. Even my wife is in total support! I am now a committed MG fan and do not have the usual worries because I know that Motorcar Garage is just around the corner.

Thanks once again.
Robin K.
Haddonfield, NJ

I can’t describe how much better my 75 MGB performs since we switched from the Weber two stage downdraft to the dual SU’s you just put on my car. It breathes so well I can run it up to any rpm as quickly as I want. This has turned its performance from mild to mildly wild.

Thanks for all your help, but especially for getting me to do this.
Don S.
Cherry Hill, NJ

The TR7 arrived safe and sound yesterday evening. Having had time to stand and stare, inspect it closely and pinch myself that I am not seeing things I have got to say that in my opinion it has to be one of the best rust free, unmolested TR7’s I have ever seen and most definitely worth every cent. I will get enormous pleasure from not only owning and driving it but also from just standing back and admiring it.

I will take this opportunity to thank you so very much for being honest, patient and helpful in the way you assisted me in the purchase of such a stunning car and I will take great pleasure in owning it for the rest of my life (I will NEVER sell it). In the future, if time allows I would like to maybe drive down to Maple Shade in the Triumph and thank you in person. Once I get time, I will send you a photo of it in it’s new home.

Tim W.
Alberta, B.C.

The car (TR6) is great! I gave it a decent test drive. Felt real tight, quiet, and responsive. It actually stops straight and I don’t see any leaks. Going through the old parts I saw the multiple disasters waiting to happen. Way over due for hoses, fluids and a fan belt. I’ll probably only take short monthly maintenance  drives (weather permitting) until spring and eventually have the confidence to take longer trips. You did everything I asked and more, correcting problems I hadn’t detected and no unnecessary  work. I couldn’t be happier. It was well worth the wait for service at your shop.

Allentown, NJ


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